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By identifying the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to support your business objectives we can target your Training and Development programmes to really make a difference to your business performance.

Business improvement opportunities come in many different forms, formal training may not always be the solution, although a targeted approach is essential in the modern business environment. Organisation's need to see a return from their training programmes as with any other business investment, unlike many other providers CCG Training Services will assist you to evaluate this return.

Whether you are in a manufacturing or service environment a targeted training solution will ensure staff are able to deliver business objectives and increase motivation and commitment to your organisation.

    We can

    • Facilitate workshops to clearly define the link between Company Objectives and the knowledge, skills and behaviours that will support them.
    • Provide Management Coaching on a team or one-to-one basis.
    • Carry out Training Needs Analysis.
    • Identify and develop targeted Training and Development Programmes for your organisation.
    • Develop and deliver Technical Training Solutions, including On Job Training and Competence Assessment
    • Provide Development Programmes for all levels of Leaders.
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of your Training Processes and support their improvement.
    • Provide Development and Assessment Centres for recruitment and internal appointments.
    • Help you manage change positively in your organisation.
    • Integrate Training Evaluation into your normal business activities.
    • Develop Business Focused In House Trainers and Presenters.
    • Support the implementation of Blended Learning Programmes.