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Improving your Business

By identifying the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to support your business objectives we can target your Training and Development programmes to really make a difference to your business performance.

Business improvement opportunities come in many different forms, formal training may not always be the solution, although a targeted approach is essential in the modern business environment. Organisation's need to see a return from their training programmes as with any other business investment, unlike many other providers CCG Training Services will assist you to evaluate this return.

Whether you are in a manufacturing or service environment a targeted training solution will ensure staff are able to deliver business objectives and increase motivation and commitment to your organisation.

    Step 1 - Clearly define and communicate company goals

    What we will do

    • Assist you to clearly identify and communicate your company goals

    How we will do it

    • Facilitated Workshops to Identify Goals and Supporting Behaviours
    • Identification of Improvement Opportunities
    • Management Coaching
    • Review of Current Business Performance
    • Develop Communication Plans

    Step 2- Identify necessary business skills and behaviours to deliver company goals

    What we will do

    • Assist you to match your company vision with the necessary skills, knowledge and behaviours to deliver high levels of business performance.

    How we will do it

    • Training Needs Analysis
    • Identification of Required Leadership Qualities
    • Manpower Planning
    • Succession Management
    • Identify Business Change Programmes
    • Review of Training and Development Performance

    Step 3 - Structure development and culture change programmes to develop required skills and behaviours

    What we will do

    • Work with you to develop a culture change and development programme that will deliver these skills

    How we will do it>

    • Change Management Programmes>
    • Leadership Programme Development>
    • Training and Development Programme Specification
    • Material Development

    Step 4 - Targeted learning and change opportunities

    What we will do

    • Assist you to identify targeted business driven development and learning opportunities

    How we will do it

    • Coaching
    • On JobTraining and Assessment
    • Training Delivery
    • Leadership Programmes
    • Develop In-House Trainers and Presenters

    Step 5 - Continuous evaluation of business improvement and programme effectiveness

    What we will do

    • Continuously evaluate improved business performance

    How will we do it


    • Training and Development Programme
    • Work Place Performance
    • Company Performance
    • Review and Improve Development Programmes
    • Work with you to develop a culture change and development programme that will deliver these skills, attitudes and behaviours